On the set of Double Cat.

Photo by Mandeep Wirk.

Hello. Welcome to my website.

I am a multidisciplinary artist who makes art to spark conversation. My work moves between visual art, video, and performance–often collaborating with other artists and working within the community. I create imaginative worlds that play with an epic sense scale that form allegories for stories that shape the places we live. Whether I am performing sci-fi cradboard puppet shows, or projecting giants dancing cats over a city, I use humour to create the unexpected and to carve out space for new perspectives.

My presentation at TEDxEastVan, sharing how moving from making videos to performing puppet shwows forced me to change my art practice and embrace the unknown.

My interview with Your Creative Push–a Podcast that enourages listeners to pursue their creative passions.

Double Cat–a music video featuring giant dancing cats.

With my collaborations with Ramshackle Theatre, I create sci-fi cardboard puppet shows that merge cinema and live performance. In this work I perform with a video camera on stage, capturing a small-scale puppet show and simultaneously projecting the image onto a large screen. As the designer and principle builder for these projects, I am interested in the relationship between camera and objects: simplifying lines, increasing visual legibility, and communicating through shape, texture, and material. I have presented this work across Canada, from coast to coast, including the Yukon Arts Centre, The Banff Centre, and the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Trailer for sci-fi cardboard puppet show.

Video tutorial on how to build a stop-motion animation dolly.

I am currently developing a new series that extends my work in video and performance into visual art. Skytrain Sushi explores linkages between trends in Metro Vancouver’s mass transit design and take-out sushi packing. Sign up to my email club to be the first to get a sneak peek as this project unfolds.

Csetkwe Fortier singing on top of a mountain in Old Crow, YT.

A big part of my art practice is sharing the work of others.

Connecting with other artists and using art to bring people together is a large part of who I am as an aritst. As a founding member of the SOFIA Collective and through my programming at the Surrey Art Gallery, I have witnessed how sharing creativity not only opens up new ideas, but can inspire us to respond with our own expression. I am now working with the City of Surrey to bring that kind of experience to the neighbourhood level.


Short promo for a poetry-reading event I made for our my art collective.

I hope you enjoy the work on this site. And please, feel free to drop me line.